Reasons You Should be on the Lookout for Drake’s Billboard Performance

The performances for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards have been announced and it’s official — Drake is performing. Because Drake is not very open to the media, no one has a clue on what he’s performing or who he’s performing with, but based off of what Billboard had to say, here is what we at Jetlag concluded:

The last time Drake took the stage during an award show, was when he performed with Rihanna for “Work” at the BRITs Award in 2016. 

Since then, Drake has released two projects: Views and More Life — that’s a long time. It’s very rare that Drake does live performances, so you know this one is going to be a performance to remember. It’s already been said that Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are performing, so there’s a possibility that The Big 3 might come together for a phenomenal performance of “No Frauds”. Being that More Life, has a lot of great collaborations, he might be bringing out someone from the album to help “Glow” the stage. And then, there might just be a medley of hits with numerous artists, which will turn the award show into a mini concert. We don’t know, but whatever it is, just know it’s going to be big. Here’s what the Billboard Music Awards’ executive producer had to say about it:

“You know, Drake does not perform on television very often so I think whenever he does it’s a real event,” says Bracco. “We built a real terrific relationship with his team, working creatively with them and coming up with a big idea, and I think it’s gonna be a very, very big moment in the show. It’s not a surprise necessarily but it’s gonna be a moment that people aren’t exactly expecting…. It’ll be memorable, I promise you that.”

It’s been said that Drake have been preparing this performance for months now — there’s no way it could be a simple performance, there’s a surprise somewhere in there — we’ll just have to wait and see.

Drake will take the stage at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards this Sunday at the T-Mobile Arena Stage in Las Vegas. You don’t want to miss it.

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