Nicki Minaj Channels her Inner-Biggie

Notorious B.I.G. goes down as one of the greatest rappers of all time. So many artists of today admire Biggie’s immaculate wordplay and nostalgic flow — Nicki Minaj being one of them. There have been more than one instance where Nicki has sampled, covered, or rhymed in a Biggie pattern. And we here at Jetlag countdown Nicki’s top five moments.

5. “I’m Cumin” 

From her first ever mixtape Playtime Is Overreleased in 2007, Nicki recreated the classic “Mo Money Mo’ Problems” featuring Diddy & Mase. She was just at the peak of career, still finding herself and her own flow. During these days, she would rap the rhyme pattern of who inspired her in hip-hop. Although, both songs had the same title, but hers was written a little provocative, it’s not about sex — it’s about her coming for the throne as head female in the rap game — which she’s currently sitting in today. As she stated, “I don’t play around, I’ma have to shut it down; run up in the town, I’ma have to get the crown. I’m that young Queens b*itch with the platinum sound.”

4. “Four Door Aventador”

From her third and last album The Pinkprintinspired by another one of New York’s greatest Jay Z, released in 2012. Nicki channeled her inner-Biggie throughout this entire song from her wordplay, to her flow, and rhyming pattern — it all sounded like Biggie from the 90’s, just on a modern beat. The first line alone gave pure Notorious B.I.G.: “Hit me on the celly, watching Belly; God’s son, I can see they study Makaveli. Peanut butter Benz, got them jelly at the deli, if you feeling like a ninja, I got a machete.” Hands down, some of her most unique lines from that particular track.

3. “Dead Wrong”

From her second mixtape Sucka Free, released in 2008. It’s a cover to Biggie’s famous track “Dead Wrong” featuring Eminem. She doesn’t rap in the same pattern Biggie does, but she spit each bar talking mad trash as he did in the same cocky narcissistic tone. “If Biggie was alive, he’d sign me, I’m the New Edition, like Bobby and Ronnie. Just give me the beat and a bottle of Disani, and I don’t need Clyde, I’m a boss, fuck a Bonnie.” Like Biggie did in this track, she thinks very highly of herself and doesn’t think anyone in the game could school her or give her pointers — true Biggie demeanor. 

2. “Dreams ’07” 

Another one from her first mixtape Playtime Is Over, released in 2007. It samples Biggie’s track “Just Playing (Dreams),” which he spoke about dreaming of sleeping with the baddest R&B women in the game. Of course, Nicki isn’t rapping about sleeping with women, instead she’s mentioning all of the the rap dudes that could probably have a chance with her in the bedroom. She embody Biggie’s flow 100 percent. It’s also a pretty interesting track to listen to, to hear a female speak how males speak not worrying about the double standards of society labeling her as a whore — plus it’s good to know what Nicki’s type is. Surprisingly she mentioned Papoose, but she still wasn’t too sure about him.

1. “Warning”

From her most underrated mixtape Playtime Is Over, released in 2007. This hands down is Nicki’s most lyrical song from this mixtape. Not a single person can listen to this track and say she was wack or her bars were weak. This was a time when Nicki was rapping at her most highest and showing skills within her flow. This was the best she’s ever remade a Biggie song. You can tell she studied Biggie’s every word while writing this. In the song, just like Biggie, she receives a call from a friend one late night, and at the end of the phone call someone is at her home trying to take her out — it’s a story. 

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