Forbes List: Hip-Hop’s Top 5 Richest of 2017

Last year, Diddy topped hip-hop’s Forbes list gaining $62 million, while Jay-Z trailed behind him with $53.5 million. Hip-hop’s reigning queen Nicki Minaj, is the only female rapper to ever make the list, and she’s ranked every year since her debut in 2011. Last year she came in at number 6, just $3.5 million behind Wiz Khalifa, who gained $24 million. Let’s see if she was able to rank top five of this year’s list.

5. DRAKE – $90 million


4. BIRDMAN – $110 million


3. DR. DRE – $740 million


2. JAY Z $810 million


1. DIDDY – $820 million


Dr. Dre made the list due to his ample amount of revenue with Beats to Apple. Drake made a higher earning from his successful album Views, his OVO label, Apple, and other endorsements. Meanwhile, Birdman is banking off of The Big 3: Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. It’s no secret that Diddy and Jay Z are moguls in the music business. Unfortunately, Nicki did not make the top five this year, but with all that’s in-stored for her, there’s still hope for hip-hop’s queen in 2018.


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