Nicki Minaj Grants fans $18000 in College Expenses and Plans to Launch her Official Charity

What started out as a playful conversation between Nicki Minaj and her dedicated barbz, ended in such a positive outcome. Those who are fans of Nicki Minaj knows that she absolutely adores her fans, and good deeds for them aren’t new in her case.

Hip-Hop’s reigning queen was talking to her fans about the #RegretInYourTears challenge, which asked of them to recreate her latest music video, and the fans with the best visual would win a VIP trip with her to this year’s Billboard Music Awards. When fans asked if they had to live in the U.S. to win this contest, the queen tweeted, “All countries are included. Ya muva makes enough money to fly members of #TheKingdom out from ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!” That led to another one of her fans asking, well if that’s the case can you pay for my tuition? See the tweet below for Nicki’s response.

Cut to a week later, Nicki kept her promise and every fan that confirmed her requirements, were all granted their paid wishes. Nicki had such a pleasure giving back to her fans in honor of their education, she decided to start her own official charity for Student Loans/Tuition Payments. View her Instagram post below for more details.

While some artists are only making headline news because of their latest diss or what song they have on the radio, Nicki Minaj is stepping outside of the box, yet again to expand her brand and philanthropy within the music business. Round of applause for Nicki Minaj.


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