Lavar Ball says Michael Jordan is not Lonzo, in terms of sneaker prices

Lavar Ball says his son Lonzo is doing something that the “GOAT” Michael Jordan could never do. And that’s sell shoes for almost $500.

During a discussion on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed” Tuesday Morning, Ball stated that Jordan could not demand $495 for his shoes largely due to the fact that he did not compare to Lonzo.

“Because he ain’t Lonzo Ball. Lavar said. “It’s a new era called the Ball era.”

Lavar Ball has been in the news for the majority of 2017. His son Lonzo led the UCLA Bruins to the Sweet 16 and was named the Wayman Tisdale player of the year. Along the way, Lavar garnered major media buzz due to the claims he made about his son’s talents and even his own. 

Last week, Ball’s “Big Baller Brand” unveiled the first edition of Lonzo’s new shoe the Zo2, which created huge media attention due to the price point of the shoe. 

Ball previously stated to media outlets that he would “kill” Michael Jordan if the two of them played a game of one-on-one. 

“Back in my heyday, he would need help.” Ball stated in an interview on ESPN’s First Take in March. “In one-on-one, I’m undefeated.”

Although Lavar Ball only averaged 2.2 points during the 1987-88 season, his son Lonzo is projected to be a top three pick in this year’s NBA Draft. 

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