Lil Yachty And Joe Budden Get Into A Heated Debate on Everyday Struggle

Joe Budden has not been the biggest fan of Lil Yachty for a while now. Joe Budden and Yachty have been in a public feud on the internet and have waited for the chance to meet each other. It finally happened on Complex’s Everyday Struggle

Lil Yachty discusses his album cover for his debut album, Teenage Emotions, with the Everyday Struggle staff. Yachty coins himself as the outcast of the Hip-Hop game. 

Yachty also speaks on his emotions everyday stating that he is happy everyday because, “…life is moving in such a positive way, I can’t get slowed down.” 

From that moment forward, things began to get a lil heated between Yachty and Joe Budden. 

Check out this episode of Everyday Struggle below. 

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