Wait What? Trump Questioned Why The Civil War Happened 

Since the start of his campaign, Trump has been known for his outlandish remarks. Now that he’s president, he makes sure that his stigma holds true. 

In his latest jabber Trump exposed his nonsensical view on the civil war. Trump claimed that Andrew Jackson, who had a “big heart,” could have prevented the war and  even questioned why it even happened in the first place.

Anyone who has taken a US History course, (or that has google), could answer that question. The civil war was ultimately fought over slavery. Back in those days slavery was the south’s “bread and butter,” and was keeping them going as they seceded from the US. Although the north didn’t completely disagree with slavery, they wanted to abolish it to weaken the southern economy, thus reuniting the country.

Trump’s take on Andre Jackson was also “fake news.” Considering the fact that Jackson owned over 150 slaves, I would hardly say that he had a heart at all. If Jackson had even alive during the Civil War, the outcome was inevitable.

Check out Trump’s audio below and give us your take.


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