Jetlag flight of the week: 1Dbyrd

Jetlag caught up with 1Dbyrd for the flight of the week.

As a kid 1Dbyrd grew up around drug dealing, but he chose to go a different route. He decided to go to college and pursue music. 

Getting into rapping at the Boys and girls club 1DByrd soon found out he was very talented. He met up with Deawnte and started 2TruAllDay. As they grew up they transitioned to The Wealth Bros. (Well educated and living towards heights.)

1Dbyrd in the midst of going to college he has released several singles that are currently racking up views. One of his notable singles “Bankroll like Fresh” is sitting at +12K views. 

As of right now 1Dbyrd is gearing up for the release of his mixtape HAVIN ST. VOL. 1. The mixtape is a mixture of his real life and turn up music. A man of many talents 1Dbyrd plans on diving into acting after a cameo in Future’s “Super Trapper” video.

One thing is for sure 1Dbyrd is someone you should be getting familiar with. Stay tuned to Jetlag for the next flight.


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