“Facing” Music Review

A perfect treasure of soulful melodies sung with passion, strength, and devotion. Jaye Prime, a music artist from Detroit, MI vocally shares her journey of growing into the creative woman she is today and her love & affection for marijuana. And as us listeners ride through the thick billow, with our windows rolled up, we can enjoy her 420 album release, “Facing“. First and fore most, the title “Facing“, in smoking terms means smoking alone. On March 28th, the 23 year old songstress gave birth to her musical project by releasing her highly anticipated single “Lemon-Aid“. I myself was totally astounded with how crisp, strong, and endowed Jaye Prime’s voice was, which led me to these 10 mellifluous tracks. The Production from Stacks Culture & Paradise with mixing and mastering done by Ashton Woods, included different drum kicks and a switch between electric & acoustic guitar; shout out to Adam and Robert Depollo. Giving inspiration to songs like “Nimbus“, “Friend In Me“, and “Hot Box” which included mixtures of those guitars, (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and electric bass) offering a classical, subtle approach within Jaye Prime’s lyrics. Other tracks like “Luna“, “Way Up“, and “Revovery” gave appreciation towards us nocturnal music listeners; the emotional atmosphere of a late night is definitely in the air. Inhaling that euphoric vibe, “Facing” is rapturously soulful, with gratitude for all the positive encounters that have blessed her throughout her life’s journey. Combining Jaye Prime’s blissful smoldering lyrics with the joyful production makes for a lovely project. “Facing” was more than just about smoking of course, releasing great music for us listeners to enjoy as we illustrate how we feel when we’re listening! Always genuine vibes when it comes to this artist! Jaye, continue being a creator and constructing art! This album will continue to grow with me as I grow. Check out and listen to Jaye Prime’s 420 album release “Facing” on Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes!

I Come To You Cause I Can’t Sleep At Night. My Heart Been Heavy, Give Every Piece of Me For Peace Of Mind. My Hand Been Steady, But I Can’t Read the Words I Seem to Write Til I Saw That Burning Bush.” 

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