New Friday Movie Has Been Confirmed

Although we don’t have the full details of the new movie, John Witherspoon (Willie Jones) has confirmed that a new Friday is in the works. 

There’s been talk about the highly anticipated movie for years now, which was always shot down by Warner Bros. Apparrently Warner Bros now has a new sharif in town, who gave the movie the green light.

For now all we know is that the movie is actually going to happen. As the story unfolds, we’ll learn more about the plot and cast of the forthcoming Friday.

Check out the video below of Mr. Jones making the announcement.


  1. Hopefully he doesn’t jinx it and everything goes as planned. I really want a new Friday movie.

      1. WORD! I think he finally gave up on getting Chris Tucker to do it. I know he’s going out with a bang. Everybody is gonna be on this one! I remember him talking about it like a year ago.

        1. Yeah you might be right but I saw Chris do an interview a while back and he said he’d be down. But that was when he was having issues with the IRS lol.

  2. Chris tryna use Ice Cube to pay them taxes! In his last comedy he did 3 months ago on Netflix he said nah, and I just read Ice Cube said in an interview last month, Chris said “it was a moment of the past” he’s not interested. I find that crazy. He could bank off of that! Cube said he disagree and still wants/is in talks of doing it.

    1. Dang lol. It really is a good move for everyone involved. John Witherspoon says he gets paid more from that than anything else so he couldn’t wait to do it. Even if Chris doesn’t want to do it, he owe us that for missing out on the last two Fridays.

      1. Lmaooo what else is John Witherspoon doing?? No disrespect to him but of course he’s gonna agree to do it! That’s like one of us quitting our job then looking for work for over 10+ years and can’t find it. We’d go back to our old job too if they wanted us! Lmaoo but I agree about Chris, he lame for that. Kinda disrespectful towards Cube as well.

        1. John was still on the Boondocks when they brought it back but nothing much other than that lol. He’s old anyway so he won’t be doing too many more movies. But yeah I feel you lol.

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