Destiny’s Arising: Make Room for the Beyoncé of the Group

Rap trio Migos, have been making major moves in hip-hop lately – they’ve just recently received a platinum plaque for their album Culture, which has only been out for three months. Whether you’re a fan of their music or not, you have to admit, these guys are doing their thing right now. But the real question is: How long will they be doing it as a group?

It’s no secret that groups never last; usually they get into a nasty fight or just simply outgrow each other. In every group, there’s always that one member that stands out more than the others – Quavo is that member. While everyone in the group are tending to just being a product of Migos, Quavo is branching off and doing his own thing. Wait, wasn’t that how Beyoncé started? You would see her staring in movies and think, “Where are the other girls?” Sort of a similar situation with Quavo. He has been featured in over 20 different records without his two group members. Making songs with artists such as; Young Thug, Devin Hill, Lil Yachty, Ty Dolla Sign, Travis Scott, Kanye West, and more.

There have been talks for quite some time now that Quavo is on the rise of dropping his first solo project. A few months ago, Breakfast Club’s own Charlamagne Tha God, asked Quavo about the rumors of Kanye executive producing his solo album. Quavo said, “No, I wish that, that could happen, he could produce my second album, but it’s cool, he ain’t doing that.” Sounds like the first album is already done, but what is he waiting on though? He also sounds pretty sure that he’ll be making another solo project after this – either way, based off of his response, he’s definitely in the process of doing his own thing.

Aside from working on his own project, the “Quavo-La Flame” project, which is supposedly a joint album he’s been working on with Travis Scott, has been brought up in numerous discussions. There have been pictures of Quavo and Travis floating around the net, working in the studio. The fans have been going crazy anticipating the release date or just a piece of information from either one of these guys. But still no set date has been announced. As Quavo fans wait for both public announcements, all they can do is continue bumping Culture, in rotation until further notice.


As a whole 2016-17 have both been great years for Quavo as a featured artist, and things appear to only be getting better. Right now as a group, Migos are killing it – so don’t expect them to say they’re going solo tomorrow, but don’t be surprised when you find out about it later on in the future.

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