“Sad For You” EP Music Review

Pittsburgh native emcee, Mac Miller has a new addition to his “REMember Music” label, and I myself have grown very attached to her voice in such a limited amount of time. Njomza presents us with her debut EP “Sad For You“. Production from Papi Beatz, Tommy Brown, Ryan, Caleb Stone & Mills, gave “Sad For You” a soul/pop Musical vibe; The intermixing of eighties resonance with strong, modern, low tempo RnB tunes that really complement Njomza voice. Tracks like “Perfect Fit“, “Baggage“, and “Poison” undoubtedly became my favorite songs on the EP, only because listening to the 22 year old song writer from Chicago, lyrically venting about how a love so strong can evolve into an addiction which was relatable for myself and others. Late nights will forever be recognized, when it comes down to discovering a new artist and great music and from start to finish, I truly enjoyed hearing & listening to Njomza. The production was utterly amazing and I have been searching for a music artist with a voice like Njomza’s for quite sometime. I was overly excited that I stumbled upon her debut project. “Sad For You“, was very empowering when the approach came to leaving a toxic relationship and being humble about it. The EP was about growing after a relationship has ended and wanting to show the other person that you’ve matured and that the reinvented you is now ready for that individual, giving them the best of you; The song “Hear Me” is a great example of that.
Y’all know that I know what good music sounds like, and I’m so appreciative of this artist for allowing an inside look into her life on such a personal level. I cannot wait until I hear your album! Check out Njomza’s Debut EP “Sad For You” on SoundCloud and Spotify!

“See there’s Consequences and Imperfections Sometimes, You Can’t Come Clean of The Damage. So Stay Awake, You Should Pay Attention, It’s Easy To Be Fooled.”

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