Cleveland Shooter Commits Suicide After Police Chase

On Easter day, a man by the name of Steve Stephens murdered 74 year-old, Robert Godwin Sr. on Facebook live. After committing the murder on Facebook live, it was reported that Stephens was moving across state lines and later found Tuesday morning dead in Pennsylvania. 

Stephens announced his plans to kill on Facebook live moments before killing Robert Godwin Sr. Stephens stated in the Facebook live videos that he had a gambling problem and trouble with his girlfriend.

In the recording of the killing of Godwin Sr., Stephens says to Godwin that his girlfriend, Joy Lane is, “…the reason this is about to happen to you.” Godwin had no clue of who Joy Lane may have been, but it did not stop Stephens.

Joy Lane sent a text to CBS that, “we had been in a relationship for several years. I am sorry that all of this has happened.”

It was reported that Stephens may have killed dozens, but Robert Godwin Sr. is the only proven casualty.

A pursuit was put into place in Cleveland for Stephens and other victims before moving across state lines. Detectives spoke to Stephens on his cellphone in an attempt to get the shooter to surrender.

Stephens phone was tracked in Erie, Pennsylvania where he was found to have killed himself.

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