Jetlag flight of the week: Nycstro

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Born in Gaffney, SC – raised in Blacksburg, Nycstro was always surrounded by music. He chooses everything meticulously, there is no wonder in why him and the PMG movement is making noise in the upstate. As a child he ignored toys little boys normally took interest in, while gravitating to pots and pans. Young Nycstro begged for a drum set and eventually got it. Spending all day with his new set he wore holes in them on day one.

Years playing and learning music in school, led him to producing his own music. After finding out his name “maestro” was taken, he changed his name to Nycstro. He ended up writing a song about the situation which he plans on putting on his upcoming album. The song states who he is and how he hasn’t changed his core over the years.

Putting everything on the line with a business situation he loses it all. The loss of the situation didn’t stop Nycstro. After regrouping he met his wife. Fed up with the day to day grind so he does some soul searching and prays on his situation. He decides to not work for anyone else, and on November 2014 he walked out on his job for the second time. This time he had a plan. He calculated the amount of beats and sessions required to make the same amount of money his job was bringing in.

After just releasing a beat tape Nycstro is working on an album entitled, “Its just who I am.” The album features a plethora of talent. His album is intended to be a breath of fresh air for the rap game. The album “Its just who I am,” has cornucopia of styles and has no set genre. The producer/artist classifies it as “just music”. If anything is clear to Nycstro, it’s his purpose.

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