To Declare or Not to Declare?

Now with the college basketball season officially ending, many college athletes have declared for the draft. Some we expected such as Malik Monk from the Kentucky and Lonzo Ball from UCLA. But take a look at some of the biggest names who have yet to declare for the 2017 NBA Draft.

Grayson Allen

Let’s be honest, Grayson Allen, is no one’s favorite player, well except to maybe his parents. Last year Allen was projected to be drafted in the first round, but he never declared. Instead, he returned to Duke for his junior year only to be plagued by more tripping scandals and weak numbers. Now his draft projector is more so up in the air. If he declares, he will probably not be a first round pick. He should return to Durham, and if possible avoid tripping anyone else, and play his way back into the first round. What do you think he should do?

Josh Jackson

The freshman at Kansas did not disappointment this year as he finished second on the team in scoring and rebounding while also helping his team to a Big 12 title. He is projected to go in the top 5 if he declares for the draft but will his legal troubles get in the way. Jackson was accused of damaging a car that belonged to a player on the women’s basketball team. He has pleaded not guilty to the charge of criminal property damage which holds up to 6 months in jail but if found guilty a diversion program will be granted to him.  He is also expected to appear in court to address a traffic violation from earlier this year. Does this mean trouble for NBA scouts? I think so. I do not see him declaring this year.

Jordan Bell

Honestly, I do not think anyone ever heard of this guy until the NCAA tournament. He had a nice run in the tournament almost hitting a triple-double in the Elite Eight before going down to the Tar Heels in the Final Four. Experts were saying earlier this year Bell was projected to be a second round pick at best, but his strong play on the biggest stage of college basketball may have pushed him to first round pick. If he chooses to stay Oregon will be a Top 20, maybe even a Top 15 team to start next season.

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