Charlie Murphy Dead At Age 57 After Battle With Cancer

Comedian Charlie Murphy has reportedly passed away at age 57 following a battle with leukemia.

According to TMZ, Murphy’s manager has confirmed that he passed away in a New York City hospital due to complications from the illness. Murphy was aware of the disease and had been undergoing chemo treatment in hopes of defeating the cancer.

Charlie is the older brother of Eddie Murphy who helped him get his foot into Hollywood. Eddie hired Charlie as his body guard back in the 80’s to help him escape his former life of crime. From there he got into acting himself, as well stand-up comedy.

Notable roles from Charlie include: Harlem Nights, CB4, The Players Club, Roll Bounce, Norbit, and Chappelle’s Show.

Charlie was know as a legendary storyteller, a skill which he was able to showcase on Chappelle’s Show with his Rick James impersonations. We’ve included a short video below that discusses how his stories gained so much fame.






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