“My Moment” Mixtape Music Review

Taking the time to listen to his story was seemingly gratifying. Coming with both, a wide range of vocals and lyrical content. Raised on the west side of Detroit, music artist Tee Grizzley presents us listeners with his debut Mixtape, My Moment. My Moment provides production done mostly by the Detroit native producer Helluva, one beat from DJ Mustard and two beats from Sonny Digital. The 23 year old shares a tale of loyalty, women, the struggle and stress dealing with legal trouble and taking the opportunities that can supply a better future for himself and his family, yet dealing with the consequences and rising above it all. Tracks like “Catch It“, “How Many“, and “10K” vividly shows the hunger and ambition in Tee Grizzley; venting about all the money that came and went, and charging ten thousand for a feature. While tracks like “Testimony“, “Day Ones” and “Side Nigga” display a mid-low tempo Tee Grizzley, allocating finely-calibrated vocals, paying respects to his peers, staying on the right path through great advice and support, and also being there for the women who tend to become lonely while in relationships. From using his hands to amplify a tasteful beat on a table and adding a strong alluring flow for his “My Moment Intro“, to listening to Tee Grizzley deliver his “Testimony“, My Moment is attached with the hardships of money, trust, and respect, while staying real/honest in the city of Detroit and never switching up. The potential and talent that comes out of the city is amazing and I’m overly proud of this artist for doing a total three sixty upon his life! Dope Mixtape, Check out Tee Grizzley’s debut mixtape My Moment on Spotify!

“I Know They Prayed On My Downfall(2x). On All Ten, Bitch I Stood Tall. Show These Disloyal Niggas How To Ball.”

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