Suge Knight’s Lawyer Denies Statements on Tupac’s Murder 

April 4th, it was reported that Suge Knight admitted to knowing who killed Tupac. However his lawyer, Thaddeus Culpeper, is now refuting those claims.

In response to the situation Culpeper stated,

“Very recently, a press release was issued stating that Attorney Thaddeus J. Culpepper wrote and signed an affidavit regarding the assassination of Tupac Shakur, The writers of the press release also state that the alleged affidavit contains statements from Suge Knight. The press release cites no author. As counsel for Mr. Knight, my duty is to assist him in proving his innocence in his present cases. I have never made any official statement regarding Tupac Shakur, nor have I made any statements on my client’s behalf regarding Mr. Shakur, written or otherwise. Articles relying on this unattributed press release are without merit. [T]hat affidavit is fake news.”

Suge’s son took also took to Instagram in his defense.

At this time there is no concreate evidence that points to either direction. Stay tuned as the story unfolds.

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