Young Dolph “Bulletproof” LP review

There has been a lot of turmoil in Memphis between Young Dolph and Yo Gotti for a long time. It all came to a head when the South Memphis rapper Young Dolph dropped a song entitled Play Wit Yo B* which was billed as a diss to Yo Gotti. Then during the CIAA tournament in Charlotte, NC a vehicle that was transporting Dolph was shot at 100 times. Luckily the rapper was riding in a bulletproof SUV. 

Shortly after this incident Dolph released an album cover and a tracklist that was a blatant spit in the face of whoever was responsible for the shooting. While this is a short body of work its clear and to the point. The music is dark and gritty but he still flosses like only he can do. He makes it sound like getting shot at 100 times is fun and there is nothing to worry about. He employs some of hip hops and even brings Drumma Boy out of retirement for the single featuring Gucci Mane That’s How I Feel. Which is a standout record where Gucci does a hook that pays homage to a project that set Gucci Mane apart from the competition early on known as “Hard To Kill.” Other standout records are So Fuk’em , 100 Shots, and In Charlotte. It was released on April 1, and there was no joke about it. Dolph is a contender and is ready to go to war on any front.  

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