Offset Goes Off on XXXTENTACION in Defense of Drake

Look like Drake fans aren’t the only one defending him against XXXTENTACION these days. Offset from the famous rap group Migos, had a couple of words to exchange to the rapper on a live video.

Since February, XXXTENTACION have been in the media bashing Drake for “stealing” his flow in his song “KMT,” which is featured on his latest project More LifeEver since he was released from jail, he made it his mission to constantly attack Drake on social media trying to get his attention, but Drake isn’t budging. That doesn’t mean others won’t though. Offset, who is known as the most controversial out of the group, didn’t waste anytime speaking his piece. 

“Y’all n*ggas is silly. How you ain’t heard of, and n*ggas talkin’ like you stole they swag? We aint even heard of you. Get your a** outta jail and run that sh*t up. Whatever your name is.”

Wonder if XXX will respond to this. Either way, his antics toward Drake is getting really old. It’s pretty obvious he’s trying to gain fame off of Drake’s name. A rap beef with one of the hottest guys in hip hop right now would gain him a lot of notoriety. Maybe Drake sees pass his ulterior motives; and for that reason alone, he may never respond. 

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