How Soon Will We Be Getting That New Quavo and Travis Scott?

Today Travis Scott gave the world a visual for his single “Goosebumps” that features the new best rapper alive Kendrick Lamar, on Apple Music. The visual is extremely trippy and has some imagery that only the Houston native could comprehend.

Later on in the day he gave Zane Lowe an exclusive listen to two new tracks, said to be on Quavo and Travis’ joint album on Beats 1 Radio. The first single played was called “Rerun” and features an auto-tune vibe track from the duo. The second was named “Lo-Fi”. The track was so good, Zane Lowe had La Flame run the entire song back.

Although we still don’t have the new music, we have already heard the quality of music the two have made. With records under their belt that includes, “Go Off” from the Fate of the Furious soundtrack, “Portland” from “More Life” and the banger “Pick Up The Phone” from “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight.” This has the world speculating how soon and how long have they been preparing this project. Right now, we’re all just hoping we get these two new songs sooner than later.

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