REVIEW: Lost by J. Tek

Being able to hear this EP was something worth listening to. I’m Overly ecstatic with this 23 year old emcee from Maryland, Baltimore. Hosted and produced by Dj Pain 1, Music artist J. Tek is definitely on the come up when it comes to his debut EP “LOST”.

The title of the “LOST” EP illustrates a story of feeling the emptiness of life, as you try to identify the type of individual you’ll become. As young adults, we feel lost at times. Not knowing the right choices to make, discovering growth through our peers, and trying to figure out what we want to do out of life and how we’re going to go about it. DJ Pain 1 production was very soulful, yet, Dj Pain 1 still delivers a strong, classic Hip Hop sound when it comes to the “LOST” EP, which is very appreciated.

With features from Yah’ki, an upcoming rapper from St. Louis, Doja who was one of the finalist on BET’s television series “One Shot,” and the lovely Tina She, they really increased the influence on this project, by not only having an Essence of rap, but also including such vocals to amplify the music.

Tracks like “Find Myself” ft. Tina She, “Soul Searching” ft. Doja, “Lost” and “Ghetto Birds” really spoke to me as an individual; hitting close to home. Felt as if I was sitting right next to the young Emcee himself, as we discussed life, analyzed society, and the trail and error that comes with life.

These six tracks showcase the talent that J. Tek has when it comes to detailed storytelling, positive wordplay and inspirational lyrics. Check out J. Tek’s Debut EP on Spotify!

“Girl Text Me She Pregnant, I Have Nothing To Say. I Stare Myself In The Mirror, I Look Like My Dad Today. Never Met Him In Person, I’m Feeling Some Type of Way”

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