Migos Disappoint Fans at Both GSU and USC

Hip-Hop’s own rap trio Migos, are currently the hottest rap group out right now making a name for themselves all over the charts. They’re known for hits like, T-Shirt, Bad and Boujee, Pipe It Up, and Fight Night, to name a few. Migos fan base have been growing massively over the years, unfortunately there have been some mishaps these past couple of days between them and their supporters. 

On Thursday March 30, Grambling State University was scheduled a performance from the group, but things took a wrong-turn when I-85 collapsed preventing Migos from being able to leave the Atlanta area. GSU students were furious because they were really excited about seeing the rap group live. After over a month of anticipation for the concert, some students were riled up while others said they completely understood. The concert is set to be rescheduled April 7 this Friday.

GSU was not the only university whose performance from Migos was cancelled. University of Southern California also endured cancellation. However, USC was the cause of their own disruption when students began acting out of control and triggered Migos to end their concert early last night. According to Daily Trojan Migos warned the crowd to stop pushing each other before the concert ended. The crowd were so congregated some people were seen passing out. 

Due to the incident, the event was shut down, leaving one person hospitalized and three more injured. 


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