They say time goes by when you’re having fun, and man they didn’t lie. Saturday April 8, 2017 mark Jetlag’s one year anniversary. That’s right, we have been giving you all content on news, fashion, music, and entertainment for a year now. Not only do we enjoy putting out great quality stories for you all, but we’re very appreciative and humble that you chose us as one of your leading sources. We see the views coming in, and we as a team just wanted to say, thank you!

Jetlag has over 300 plus articles posted on the site, and we know you haven’t read them all. But if you did, we appreciate you, and if you didn’t, we have a couple of posts you might want to check out before the big announcement. Here’s a good one: “Success In How You Dress” by Keira Moore.70d2471c0d416cbb48e8ba66eba33204

It’s only right that we share this one with you since exams are right around the corner. In this post Keira give you some tips on what to wear after and during those long study nights. She also threw in some pointers on the most comfortable fits during class. This post is specifically for the ladies. Check it out, you might learn something new.

And for our sport fans, we got you too. Remember “Mamba Day” by Jetlag’s own, creator and CEO Larento Campbell? When Kobe Bryant gave his farewell speech after ending with an astounding 66 points on 44 percent shooting. kobebryantfarewell.png

Or that one time Larento put y’all on to Stackboys864 and Luck’s mixtape “Extra Pressure”. You can view that post here. The point we’re trying to make is, we’re ecstatic that you’ve been holding us down for so long. Now it’s time we give back. 

Come show your love for Jetlag at Cleveland Park, 141 N. Cleveland Park Dr. Spartanburg, SC. There will be free food, free drinks, and great music. Don’t be that person that misses out on all the action. Come out and celebrate with us, we can ensure you, you will have a great time. Thank you again for all of your support. The love never goes unnoticed. See you April 8th!




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