Are the Cavs Still a Lock in for the Finals?

With last night’s loss to the Bulls, the Cleveland Cavaliers fell to 6-10 in the month of March and lost their third game in a row. LeBron commented on last night’s game stating that the team “Just isn’t in a good place right now”.

The team’s slip is coming with the playoffs just two weeks away and with clubs like the Celtics and Wizards surging, the Cavs path to the finals may get a bit rocky. 

What’s most troubling is a sentence no one expected to read this season: The Cavaliers are currently in SECOND place in the East behind Boston. Of course Cleveland can still beat any team in East but this month long slide is showing that any top team can beat them as well. 

A best of seven series against a quality team in the Eastern Conference is anything but a guarantee for them and this is ignoring the champion of the West that Cleveland would have to face if they do get to the finals. 

That being said, the month could just as easily serve as a learning lesson for Coach Lue and the team as it is difficult to picture a funk so detrimental that it keeps them from finishing the season strong. To answer the question, the Cavs are no lock in for the finals but I don’t expect anything short of another trip to championship out of them. 

There are a few great teams in the East right now, far better than last year, but nothing that the defending champions haven’t seen before.

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