Snoop Dogg Will Induct Tupac Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

It has been confirmed that Snoop Dogg will have the honor of inducting Tupac into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Snoop and Pac were label mates and collaborated on a single called “2 of Amerikas Most Wanted.” After Pac’s death  Snoop was inspired to try to squash the whole east coast – west coast beef but label front man Suge Knight did not agree.

While Pac’s Hip Hop legacy is undeniable, many debate his influence on Rock and Roll. Former Kiss rocker spoke against Pac being inducted into the hall of fame. 

Simmons has spoke out against Hip-Hop in the past but you’d expect him to give Pac a pass at least this time. 

Pac is not the first rapper to get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, however. Others before him include: NWA, Public Enemy, and the Beastie Boys.

Simmons on the situation,

“There’s disco and rap and all kinds of stuff. And I highly respect rap, but on the day Led Zeppelin gets put into the hip hop Hall of Fame, is the day I will personally accept rap artists as being brought into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, It just ain’t the same thing.”

He also added,

“You go to Apple Music, and you go to different genres and you type in ‘rock,’ you’re not gonna find a single rap band in that category. Likewise, if you look at hip hop or rap, you’re not gonna see AC/DC or Kiss in the list in there.”

kiss and Pac

Tupac pictured with Kiss at the '96 Grammys.

Regardless of how anyone feels, Pac will be inducted into the hall of fame on April 7th at the Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. We’ve included Pac’s hit with Snoop below, just for you to take a trip down memory lane.

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