“Factions” EP Music Review

When it comes to the musical genre of Rock ‘n’ roll, I’m particularly picky. It’s been quite sometime since I’ve heard such electrifying energy when it comes to Rock ‘n’ roll, and being able to listen to this 4 track EP revitalized my appreciation for the genre. Gracing us listeners with their EP “Factions”, you have 5 talented musicians from Portland, Oregon that consist of the punk rock group, THE WITHOUT. Michael Draper came prepared with the pulsating, piercing, enjoyable vocals; very stentorian. Adam Smith on the guitar and Spencer Arnold on the guitar as well. You have Joseph Graham being a powerhouse on the drums which was greatly noticed, and Wade Nelson on bass. Stephan Hawkes production was outstanding, giving a mix of fender and schecter guitars, Marshall heads with Bogner cabs, Spector basses with Ampeg heads/cabs, and DW drums/Saluda cymbals. THE WITHOUT provides a unifying sound composed of different portions of rock, post-hardcore, punk and even a dash of thrash, sonically brash, with a message of urgency and action. Tracks like “Play Tricks” & “Two Wolves” really took to me as far as that unique sound, found those tracks on repeat throughout the time of me living with this EP. The bridges complement the hooks which correspond with the instruments, making the vocals seemingly catchy. All in all, the “Factions” EP, was captivating, cleverly-written, and thunderous. THE WITHOUT truly captured the appeal of living without fear, without ego, and without limitations. Really enjoyed the bands collaboration of instruments. Wish there was more, but now I’m excited to hear more! Great Job on the EP! Check out THE WITHOUT’s EP “Factions” on SoundCloud!

“One By One, They’d Tell Me I’ll Be Fine, but I Just Stood There Waiting For My Time And I Watched As My Life Pass Me By Crying Wolf”

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