Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” Becomes Children’s Book

Slick Rick, a living legend, and one of rap music’s preeminent storytellers, will now see his classic song “Children’s Story” transformed into a children’s book. Released in 1988, “Children’s Story” rhythmically relays the tale of a young boy finding the wrong path, and following it to its expected and tragic end. Given we are currently living in a society where it is seen as “unsuitable” to even portray same sex couples in children’s media, it may be hard to believe a song detailing the story of a boy finding his way to a fatal bullet will be illustrated for kids.

The world is stoic, dangerous, and often times cold. It was a shock being thrown into the adult world after being cloaked in a safe veil of rainbows and roses for all those years. The world is just as happy and beautiful as it is harsh, and most kids aren’t prepared. They are given a warning with these fairytales. These kids enter into the same game that Slick Rick speaks about in his song. Only it isn’t a game, its life, and then they lose it. Preserving a child’s innocence is important, but perpetrating ignorance is not. Most children’s books buy into the idea that life is safe, and all fun and games. When danger is in the air, it is usually a witch on her broomstick. With this story, the kids will be introduced to real monsters: humans.

This blessing of a book will be available for purchase on April 22nd for Record Store Day. Contained within its pages detailed illustrations of the vivid and unforgettable narrative. This 18-page book will be released by Get On Down with a reissue of Rick the Ruler’s debut album The Great Adventures of Slick Rick (1988). A 12” poster displaying artwork from the “Children’s Story” video will also be included in this release.

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