Drake Has New Portrait Tattoo

Drake’s claim, “Tat on my ribs like I do not know what permanent is” holds true as he adds another tattoo to his collection.

Drake is no stranger to showing love nor getting tats. After posting a couple of pictures with “Soldier of Love” singer Sade, Drake’s tattoo artist took to Instagram to present the new tat. The tat features Sade’s face and a handwritten note from her as well.

Coming off of the release of a successful playlist , Drake has definitely received “More Life” from Sade. Drake is a long-time fan of Sade so this should come as no surprise. However, many are now speculating that the two are in a relationship.

Although Sade has rejected the idea of  collaborating with Drake in the past, we can only hope the duo will unite for a few tracks in the near future. Feel free to comment your thoughts. How far would you go to show love to your idols?

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