Beyond Underrated: Five Rappers You’ve Been Sleeping On

In the rap game, there are so many rappers slept on and not given the acknowledgment they deserve. Most rappers that are hot right now, are only riding the wave of a new generation. A lot of them aren’t considered REAL lyricist. When I hear the word lyricist, I think bars, flow, metaphors, and rapping about real-life-day-to-day-sh*t. Of course we all don’t have the same taste when it comes to music, obviously. But these are a couple of artists that are mad talented, yet for some strange reason, they don’t get the credit they deserve. 

5. Tink

Chicago’s own rapper/singer, Tink is mostly known for an R&B song she has called ‘Treat Me Like Somebody’. A lot of people only know of her as a singer, they don’t know the woman can actually spit. For the most part, she sings soulfully in tracks like Nothing Else Matters & H20. And other times, she’s giving you raw bars with a little bit of soul on a hip-hop beat, with tracks like Medicine Interlude & Route 42 To San Fran. Tink made the cover to 2015 XXL Freshman Classin which she delivered a heartfelt freestyle. Some have even went on to say, she’s the modern Lauryn Hill. A lot of you may not know who Tink is right now, but I have a strong feeling that one day you will.

4. Wale 

Let’s be honest, the people don’t appreciate Wale like they should. The man is nice; he may not be your average rapper of today who raps about having the nicest things or “smashing broads” on the regular, but he has some great punchlines. ‘Slight Work’ was always one of my favorite tracks from Wale, not only because Big Sean is on it, but because of his choice of words and how he transitions from the opening line to the punchline; he’s lyrical. For example, when he said, “We up in Diamond Supply, spending that carat cake/let em marinate, you forever late, a million home sellers couldn’t find a realer state.” The way he used his wordplay with “realer state” and “real estate” to explain how there is no place realer than the DMV area. *Scoff* this guy is so slept on, man, so slept on.

3. A$AP Rocky

Dude got some great a** music. His album and mixtape knocks, not to mention some of the best beats in hip-hop I’ve ever heard in a while. Shout out to his producer Clams Casino. On tracks like Palace, Wassup, & Leaf.  He has this articulate aura within his flow that doesn’t remind me of anyone else. When I hear A$AP, I’m never reminded of other artists like I would be when I listen to rappers today. You won’t hear no one ever say he stole their style. Because truthfully, he has his own distinctive sound. I don’t know if it’s because it’s very rare that he releases new music, and for that reason maybe that’s why the public doesn’t pay him no mind, or if they’re just simply not interested. Either way, he’s not wack, that’s for sure. A$AP has the it factor whenever he hits the booth. So I’m not understanding why he’s so overlooked.

2. Vic Mensa 

Vic Mensa is a Grammy nominated rapper from Chicago, Illinois. If you’ve ever had a real discussion about hip-hop with me then you know I’m infatuated with the amount of talent they have in Chicago and Detroit. I feel like some of the dopest rappers are from either city, and Vic so happen to be one of them. Vic made the list because of his insane versatility while being one of the underrated leaders of the new school. With songs like Feel That & There’s Alot Going On, he embraces different sounds in each track. You won’t find too many Vic Mensa songs that sound alike; he’s different. Apparently I’m not the only one who think this dude is fire. He’s covered by two pioneers in the rap game: Kanye West and Jay Z. The way he can smoothly transition into any beat and take it by storm, is mind blowing to me. If you view the clip above, it starts off a little slow, but every time Sway intersect into another beat, his bars get swifter by the minute. Yeah man, Vic is definitely the underrated champ leading the new school.


Numero Uno, hands down has to be Detroit’s own, Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, better known as Big Sean. When I tell you I’m the biggest Big Sean fan there is; there is no other that appreciates this guy’s flow like I do. This man is so underrated it’s not even funny. Sean came into the game and made that super-duper flow more relevant than it ever was. If you don’t know what the super-duper flow is, go do your research. He made it so relevant to the point where he had rapper Ludacris beefing with him over it. Rappers like Nicki Minaj and Drake acknowledged Sean for being the first they ever heard do it. “I trace it back to Big Sean. That’s the first guy I heard utilize that flow throughout the duration of a verse. I’ll give him that credit. I think Kanye got it from him,” said Drake to AllHipHop. Big Sean has been killing the charts with flow consistency throughout the past couple of years, but somehow the people still don’t want to give this man his credit. The reason he’s number one on this list is because, no lie he is the most successful and mainstream out of everyone, but as funny as this may sound, even though he’s such a mainstream success, people still don’t consider him as one of the greats in this new generation. Sean’s third album ‘Dark Sky Paradise,’ which was released in 2015 gave you hits on top of hits. With tracks like Dark Sky (Skyscrapers), Blessings, All Your Fault, Paradise (Extended), Deep, One Man Can Change the World, Outro, & Platinum and Wood, Sean showed his tongue twister style, metaphoric punchlines, and insane diversity. When Sean drops an album, the world doesn’t stop like they would for Drake or J. Cole, and I don’t understand why. He keeps getting better with time, and I’m just trying to figure out, what does it take for people to see that this guy is really the sh*t?

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