Dave Chappell Returns To The Stage

After a 10 year hiatus, Dave Chappelle has finally returned. 

After signing a $60 million dollar deal with Netflix, Dave released two new stand-ups exclusively on Netflix. Dave’s new shows are pretty much blasts from the past. Nowadays, comedians and everyone feels the need to be politically correct to avoid backlash. Dave, on the other hand, is no stranger to speaking his mind, and has never let modern stigmas dictate what he says and feels.

The first show, The Age of Spin, is centered largely around Bill Cosby’s rape allegations as well as Chappelle’s run-ins with OJ Simpson.

The second show, Deep in the Heart of Texas, starts with racism Chapelle experienced firsthand.

Whether you’re a classic Chapelle fan or not, it’s guaranteed you’ll love the new shows. Check it out for yourself (Netflix link included because we’re awesome like that).


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