“Can’t Nobody Warn Me for Nothing” – LaVar Ball to Lebron James

LaVar Ball most recently drew attention after down playing how well LeBron’s kids would play in the future. LeBron responded by telling LaVar to “Keep My Kids’ name out of your mouth.” LaVar now has more to say.In an interview with BET, LaVar points out that his comments were in response to a question that he was asked on a recent episode of Chris Broussard’s In the Zone podcast.

LaVar addressed the situation by saying:

“On the show, they asked me do I think anybody is good as far as superstars’ kids. I gave my answer, which was, ‘No, I don’t think they are.’ I think they’re good at 12 years old doing whatever they’re doing, but they’re never going to be as good as the superstars’ parents on the fact that I don’t know anybody who was a superstar and their kid was really, really good. I’m not saying their kids are bad, but their kids are not going to be as good as them because I haven’t seen it. Until I see it, I’m going to say no.”

LaVar concluded his response by reiterating that he had no bad feelings against LeBron nor his kids, he was just stating his opinion.

We can only hope that this spat will end here since there really is not much more for either of them to say at this point.

Although many people are tired of LaVar already, he will surely be around for a while considering the fact that his oldest son Lonzo is projected to be a top ten draft pick. His other two sons will likely receive the same projections as well when their time comes.

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