10 Captions Worth Giving Your Instagram More Life

Whenever Drake drops an album or a single, you can bet that you will find his lines under Instagram photos. Drake has given the world over-used but classic Instagram captions such as “Running Through The Six With My Woes,” “Them Boys Up To Something,” “I’m on My Worst Behavior,” and more. If you were looking for more captions to add to your iPhone notes full of them, here are a list of caption-worthy lines from Drake’s newest album, More Life. 10 . “Don’t Switch On Me, I Got Big Plans” – Drake, Blem

This will be circulating throughout every college students’ and student athletes’ Instagram sooner than later. You Can already imagine a college basketball player uploading a photo working out with this underneath the Instagram post.

9. “I Must Be Coaching ‘Cause I’m Not Playing With ‘Em.” – Drake, Can’t Have Everything

You will have to be fresh with this caption underneath your Instagram post. This line immediately creates a visual of someone stepping out for the night in their best gear ready to stunt on the rest of the world.

8. “I’m Kickin’ Pimpin Like I Punt.” – Young Thug, Sacrifices

Young Thug may have given the best verse on all of More Life on this track. This line may be a gem that needs to get noticed. You have to be in boss mode with this caption.


7. “Michael Jordan With The Tennis Shoes.” – Quavo, Portland

Air Jordan’s may be the most popular tennis shoe ever. This line will for sure be underneath sneaker heads’ photos of the newest releases.

6. “Me and My Bros Getting Twisted But We Do Not Look Alike.” – Drake, Gyalchester

This is the perfect caption when you are going out with the guys. If you want to make a slight change, it would be perfect for a girls’ night out also. This line will be big for homecomings, road trip photos, and celebrations.

5. “Watch Out For Me, I’m About To Glow.” – Drake/Kanye West, Glow

You can already see the before and after pictures, or #TransformationTuesday pictures that will have this as a caption. This is also the caption that will be perfect for a post-breakup post.


4. “I’m Talkin’ Neat Like Fleek.” – Young Thug, Sacrifices

Once again, Young Thug’s verse on sacrifices was full of gems. Fleek has become widely used slang word in popular culture. This line is the caption you want when you clean up really nicely for a Gala, Prom, or any type of formal event.

3. “She Wanna Get Married Tonight, But I Can’t Take A Knee ‘Cause I’m Wearing All White.” – Drake, Gyalchester

The all white photos are coming as the summer approaches. This has potential to be one of Drake’s lines that floods Instagram captions.

2. “My Side Girl Got A 5s With The Screen Cracked.” – Drake, Portland

This line seriously hold no purpose on being an Instagram caption but this line is do memorable you can’t leave this out underneath your photo. Some people still have an iPhone 5s with the screen cracked. This could be used to flex your new red iPhone 7.


1. “I Know I Said I’m Top 5 But I’m Top 2 And I’m Not 2.” – Drake, Gyalchester

Gyalchester is honestly filled with caption-worthy lines,  but this one takes the cake. This line allows you to feel very confident about yourself so when you use this, make sure your on your P’s and Q’s. Put on your Sunday’s best with this as your caption and watch your Instagram flourish.


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