Joey Bada$$ Sued For $1.5 Million By Donald Trump Impersonator

Pro Era star Joey Bada$$ is now facing a $1.5 million dollar lawsuit after pushing a Trump impersonator off stage.

The situation occurred at a MTV event that was held last September in Los Angeles. The impersonator whose real name is Phillip Wilburn, hopped on stage following a Hillary Clinton impersonator during Joey’s performance. Although the phony Clinton was welcomed, Wilburn did not get the same treatment.

While some may argue that Joey had no malice, Wilburn is seeking compensation. Wilburn claimed to have paid $1000 in medical expenses and may have to spend $25,000 more if he needs surgery. The Trump impersonator also expects to miss out on about $50,000 due to his injuries.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think. It’s obvious that Joey is in the wrong, but does it warrant a $1.5 million dollar payout?

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