Chance Honors The Place That Gave Him His Start

3x Grammy award winner, Chance The Rapper pays a visit to his local program at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago, where he’s done many open mic performances before becoming a global hip-hop star.

News outlet ABC was able to capture some great clips from that night, as well as conduct a sit-down interview with Chance to discuss his loyalty and how appreciative he was for Mike Hawkins, who he also calls Brother Mike, who had such a strong impact on Chance’s turnout to stardom. You can click here to view the clip!

In honor of today being World Poetry Day, it’s only right that we at Jetlag, share with you all an old clip of Chance The Rapper at an open mic before his rise to fame. Chance has went on to be such a successful rapper at such an early point in his career, but he never let that get the best of him. He still shows humbleness and gratitude towards those who have helped him along the way; participating in the Faith In Action campaign to stop gun violence and donating $1 million to Chicago public schools. With a heart like his, he is destined to continue receiving nothing but greatness.






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