Review: On ‘More Life,’ The Album That Is Not An Album

After almost a year since Drake’s 4x platinum album ‘Views,’ he decided to release another project a month before its year mark. But get this, it’s not an album. Describing it as Drake would, it’s just a playlist to hold his fans until the release of his next official project. He wants his next LP to be perfect, and while his fans wait he think it’s only right he gave them something to satisfy their need of new music until further notice. 

Drake opens up the 22 track playlist with ‘Free Smoke’ giving bar after bar like he normally does when he ride the beat of a fire instrumental. In the song he reminisce on life before being Drake the rapper, during the peak of his rap career, and a little on the aftermath of it all. He explains how he remembers not being able to pay a bill and not having to worry about being recorded by groupies he slept with. ‘I wanna move to Dubai so I don’t never have to kick it with none of you guys, I didn’t listen to Hov on that old song when he told me pay it no mind.’ The Toronto rapper came and delivered; he let it be known this playlist was worth the wait. ‘No Long Talk’ featuring London rapper Giggs was very similar to ‘Free Smoke’ in terms of bars and flow, except for the patois slang he used, which he’s been using a lot lately in his most recent songs. 

For those who are fans of the ‘One Dance,’ ‘Hotline Bling,’ & ‘Controlla’ vibe, then you’ll like these next couple of tunes: Passionfruit, Get It Together featuring Black Coffee & Jorja Smith, Madiba Riddim, & Blem. These tracks are what you call “Feel-Good-Vibe” songs; he’s singing throughout each track about an anonymous young lady in his life, and these are the songs you’d see ladies whining their hips to. Definitely not club bangers, but something nice to nod your head to.

“I know I said Top 5 but I’m Top 2, and I’m not 2,” said Drizzy claiming top spot in the rap game on ‘Gyalchester,’ which was a fan favorite and top 10 in twitter’s trending topics during live play of ‘More Life’ on OVO Radio. But Gyalchester wasn’t the only track that made an impact on twitter during the live play. ‘Portland’ featuring Quavo & Travis Scott created buzz as well. This tune will definitely be played throughout clubs and cars all around America. Usually, Quavo is known for delivering a great hook, but on ‘Portland’ he gave you a hook and a killer verse, as expected. Travis closed out the track with his 16 bars.

‘Sacrifices’ featuring 2 Chainz & Young Thug is a head-nodder. Drake and 2 Chainz took the beat on some chill vibes giving line after line, but Thug definitely took-over on this one. For a minute you’ll think this was actually his song and not Drake’s. Hats off to Young Thug. Thug also took-over track 21 ‘Ice Melts’. Thug wasn’t playing this time around, he and Drake tackled the beat with vocals on top of each other. This is one you’ll find yourself playing in rotation. 

‘Teenage Fever’ gives you old Drake, ‘Wu-Tang Forever (It’s Yours)’. It sounded like something that didn’t make the cut to his ‘Nothing Was the Same’ album. This particular track samples J Lo’s old song ‘If You Had My Love,’ which was a hit back in 1999. This must have been recorded around the time those J Lo and Drake dating rumors were spreading. She’s not on the song, however the lyrics she used are. There’s someone else on the song with Drake who harmonizes those parts. 

Remember that beef rapper XXXTENTACION had with Drake last month about copying one of his songs? Well, ‘KMT’ is the song he was talking about. Drake said he did not copy his song, and apparently he wasn’t worried about it because he still kept the song for ‘More Life’. The song isn’t that long, it’s about 2 minutes; one verse from Drake and the other from Giggs. 

‘Glow’ featuring Kanye West is another fan favorite. Kanye came giving vocals and flow at the same time. Kind of reminds you of ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Kanye. This Kanye is truly missed. A big surprise that Drake kept this one for the project after stating how upset he was at Kanye for talking about him on tour. Either way, it’s a great tune and it sound like something we’ll be hearing on the radio soon. 

The rest of the project are fulled with smooth tracks that are mid-tempo records, that will make you think or “put you in your feelings” as some like to say. Also, something you’d ride around in your car on a late night to. 4422, Nothings Into Somethings, Lose You, Can’t Have Everything, Since Way Back featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR, & Do Not Disturb. With everything considered, the project is a B+. Drake came through and delivered, don’t you think? Comment down below and let Jetlag know how you feel about the new Drake project. Was it fire, was it decent, was it worth the wait? We want to know your feedback.

Essential Tracks: Teenage Fever, Portland, Gyalchester, Glow, Ice Melts, & Sacrifices


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