YG Keeps It A Stack And Misses Out On 60

YG was recently booked to perform at the San Diego State University GreenFest and it didn’t quite go as expected.

The university welcomed YG, but did not agree with his song “FDT.” The track featuring Nipsey Hussle was made during Trump’s run for presidency. Throughout the campaign, Trump frequently made the news for making comments that were racist, sexist, and flat out ignorant. As a way to show disapproval of Trumps actions, “FDT” was created.  “FDT” did not sit well with law enforcement, prompting the FBI to contact YG to see the lyrics. Local police also shut down the video shoot for the track.

Prior to his  recent performance, YG signed a $60k contract agreeing that he would not perform the controversial track. YG apparently had a change of heart during the show and decided to perform “FDT” after all. In response to YG’s decision, the university withheld the $60k that YG was set to receive for the show.

While some may see the track as disrespectful, others claim it as an anthem. If you have not had a chance to hear the song, check it out below and let us know what you think.


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