Five Moments With Bankroll Fresh

March 4, 2017 marks the one-year anniversary of the young and upcoming Atlanta artist, Bankroll Fresh. Bankroll Fresh had a huge influence on Zone 3 of Atlanta where he’s from and surrounding areas. Check out below as we take a look at my favorite moments from Bankroll Fresh. 

5. Welcome to My Neighborhood With Civil TV

Karen Civil got together with Bankroll Fresh to get a look at his everyday life in Zone 3 of Atlanta. This is one of my favorite moments because Bankroll shows how well acquainted he continues to be with his neighborhood, despite his rising in fame. The moment that stands out is Bankroll giving out money to the children of his neighborhood. Check out the video below.

4. Take Over Your Trap: The Movie

Creating a movie that is quality and compelling is a hard task to do. Even with a low budget, it is even more difficult to have an enticing movie. Bankroll Fresh’s “Take Over Your Trap”  is a very interesting short-film with a good plot twist. This short-film shows Bankroll’s versatility and creativity, while still staying true to himself. Check out the short-film below.

3. Buzz Wars “Life Of A Hot Boy” Vlog

This became a classic to me the moment Bankroll Fresh said, “I’m recruiting all these young n****s, tryna show ’em it’s more to live for.” This vlog showed that Bankroll has a genuine heart for helping others and paving a way for younger guys. Check out the Buzz Wars vlog below.

2. Shooters – Gucci Mane ft. Young Scooter and Bankroll Fresh

During this time, Bankroll was known as “Yung Fresh” which would give the reason why his twitter handle is @1YungFresh. This song is the song that catapulted Bankroll Fresh to the eyes of trap music-heads. His verse in this song is iconic and one that can be recited by anyone aware of the song. Check out the track and visual below.


This is my all time favorite Bankroll Fresh moment. Bankroll posted this video right before his death and it is carrying his legacy on. This is a reminder that New Sh*t is on the way. Check out the video below.

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