Producer Spotlight: What Producers To Watch For In The Upstate of South Carolina

Spartanburg, SC has a budding music scene and one of the key components of an up and coming scene is the men behind the music. The producer plays a major role where they create the foundation for any good song. A lot of rappers will tell you that without a good beat they can barely do the song.

Every good song you have ever heard has an electric beat that moves you as soon as it drops. Producers look to create an energy in their respective cities and areas of residence that drive the industry and create sounds that can’t be replicated elsewhere. This is a piece to showcase producers in our area that will help lead us to new heights here in our area.

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Shootre McGavin

Shootre McGavin is an up coming producer that hit the scene with a 8 song EP entitled DPGep with a totally different vibe that we have seen in our area. Already to have been rumored to be working with Astronaut Scott he is on track to become a force to be reckoned with. His sound is very unorthodox but is a breath of fresh air. It is always good to have new sound waves in a world of people who sound the same.


Pre$to is the bearded sensei who helped coin the sound of Luc1d Music. He is the sole producer to Astronaut Scott who helped solidify a motion of music in the Spartanburg area that doesn’t revolve around the trap lifestyle and usher in a nuance of lyrics that will captivate a room. Pre$to credits include records on Astronaut Scott’s first mixtape “Slow Wave” and other numerous records on Astronaut Scott’s second tape “Not For Human Consumption” which was nominated for a Jetlag TV award in 2016 for Top Solo Tape. He is also the producer of the “Clan Cypher Intro” from “Menace II Society” a mixtape by The Clan who he works closely with.

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Tariqs Journey

Tariqs Journey is the rap genius who decided to start producing and created sounds out of samples that you would never think a person would sample. He produced his own first mixtape December 5th that has done extremely well numbers for an unsigned artist on soundcloud. He has credits that include Palm Tree Z ft. Tariq  “Demons” and the unreleased “Giuseppes” by Queen Gucc ft. Tariq. He has also challenged himself to being involved with 100 songs in 2017 from rapping on them, or producing them. This self inflicted challenge is something we all will be rooting for him to complete this year.


Lil Memphis

Lil Memphis is the trap king here in our area. Though he has said he want to branch out there is no denying that he has this producer game on lock. Already being linked to major players in the area and shoutouts from big names his bounce is undeniable and we urge the hip hop heads to look out for the greatness to come from him. His credits include EazyBuddy “Trap Jumpin” , Pressure Ent “UP2 Intro”, Blacc Zacc “One Night”. He has also worked with Hoodrich Pablo, Lil Cray, Jose Guapo, and Drugrich Peso. In 2017 there are talks of a joint mixtape with TopFligthRento to feature artists who they feel are helping to push the culture forward dubbed “TopFlightMemphis”


The Classmatez

The ClassMatez are on the verge of becoming an industry powerhouse that will be a household name within the next couple of years. They have worked with major names in the game and have also assisted in the new artist realm as well. They have placements on the intro of the Rick Ross “Black Market” album, they wrote “Comfortable” performed by the Atlanta crooner Elhae and have worked with the likes of Stacey Barthe, J.Cyrus, Adam Wolf, Re Lxuise, Sabrina Claudio and many more. In 2016 they dropped their debut album “Nobodies In LA” where they had a chance to flex and show off their own personal talents. They also are the producers of the newest hit by Pressure Ent rapper Luck entitled “Harley 96” ft Manny Lotus. This is a collective of musical minds to draw inspiration from.

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