Migos Still Finessing, Sued For 1M

Migos often rap about their past days of kicking doors, jugging, and finessing. With all of their recent success, you would assume those days would be long gone. However, Migos are reportedly being sued for $1,000,000 for theft and damages.

Stylist Marcus Clark claims to have loaned the trio some really expensive gear that was never returned. Migos used the borrowed attire to shoot the video for their song with Niykee Heaton titled “Bad Intentions”, and they had just that.

The allegedly stolen wardrobe includes three Enfants Riches Déprimés shirts which are worth $18,138 combined. Along with a pair of Versace and Les Copains  shades which are worth about $700. When Clark attempted to reach out to the Migos, the only reponse he receive was a text for their manager that read “That’s over wit.” Each item in question can be seen in their video below.



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