Cardi B Quits LHHNY

Cardi B announced a while back that she would be ending her run with Love and Hip Hop. After inking a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records, there’s no need for turning back

Cardi B was always about her “schmoney” from the get-go. After originally hoping to become a history teacher, Cardi dropped out of community college at age 19 and become a stripper. To hide the fact that she was a stripper, Cardi told her family that she was a nanny. By the age of 22 she was making good money stripping in high end clubs but she knew that she wanted more in life. The following year she gained her Instagram fame, which lead to her landing a role on Love and Hip Hop.

With the exposure that she has gained from Love and Hip Hop, Cardi plans to take her career in rap and acting head on. She recently landed a role on Being Mary Jane. She also has released a single featuring her boyfriend Offset. Take a listen to the track and tell us what you think.



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