Dwight Howard Is Truly Savage

Dwight Howard of the Atlanta Hawks has been known to often show his emotions on the court and last night in Boston was no exception. Late in the third quarter, Howard earned his second technical foul for hanging on the rim after a big dunk. Howard was then immediately ejected from the game.

Some argue that it was just a simple dunk, while others feel that it was a blatant taunt. However, the real kicker came after the ejection when Howard curved a Celtics fan who was begging for his game jersey as he walked to the locker room. We’ve included both clips below for you to see for yourself. What do you think the call should have been?

Despite Howard’s situation, the Atlanta Hawks pulled out a victory over the Boston Celtics last night, ending a three game losing streak. The NBA later released a statement agreeing that Howard should not have been ejected in last night’s game.

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