Dolph VS. Gotti: How it all started

By now a lot of fans are questioning exactly what started the beef between rappers Young Dolph and Yo Gotti. Dolph claims that the problems started when he refused to sign to Gotti’s record label, Cocaine Musik.Since the offer, Gotti has dissed Dolph twice on his last two projects. Dolph recently returned the shade with a diss track of his own. The beef took a turn for the worse when it was reported that Dolph had been shot at in Charlotte, North Carolina during CIAA weekend.

Thankfully, Dolph happened to be riding in a bulletproof truck that shielded him from the 100 plus rounds that were fired at him and his entourage. It’s not likely that the beef will end here, but hopefully they will be able to peacefully reach an understanding.

Here’s a quick video of Dolph explaining his side of the story on Streez 94.5  with DJ Holiday. We have also included a link to Dolph’s Gotti diss “Play Wit Yo B*tch.”

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