NAV Mixtape Review


27 year old rapper and producer NAV is definitely on track to be the next big artist to come out of Toronto. Signed to The Weeknd’s record label XO, the artist released “NAV” his debut and self-titled mixtape on Friday which has been receiving an extremely warm welcome. To preface the release of the mixtape the rapper released a song titled “Some Way” featuring The Weeknd himself. The Weeknd used this platform to take what appeared to be a few shots at Justin Bieber which surely helped create some buzz for the tape. These shots being a result of Bieber undermining The Weeknd’s music in a response to dating rumors between Justin’s ex Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. With most of the tracks from the tape being written and put online over a year ago, NAV takes an already popular high pitched and auto-tuned style and puts his own spin on it. Mainly produced by himself, NAV brings a lucid flow to multiple drug laced ballots. With lines like “When I’m sober I just don’t like who I am, Pour me up a 4 and I’ll feel like myself again, Roll me up some dope and I’ll feel like myself again”, you’re reminded of the type of music that sounds like a cry for help and yet you have no choice but to vibe to. As the majority of lyrics follow this theme, this is the type of tape that you appreciate the most while driving around late night in your favorite city. back-of-nav-coverThe instrumentals give a slow, hypnotic pace adding a heavy base to give you that smooth sense of euphoria when enjoyed in the environment you choose. Taking away the quality of the artist’s rhymes and listening to the instrumentals unaccompanied, you realize just how talented this young man is. He has the workings to be a top producer in his craft from that aspect alone and the fact that he is one of the executive producers on this tape, along with Amir “Cash” Esmailian, reinforces the sense that these lyrics and beats were made specifically to complement each other. It seems as though his feature on Travis Scott’s recent album may have given NAV the push that will bump his career into the mainstream. Now working with Metro Boomin on his first album “Perfect Timing” the young artist is getting right back to the studio to continue what he started, lucky for us.

You can listen to the mixtape on Spotify below:



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