Did Dylann Roof have plans to take more lives?

As we all know, Dylann Roof took the lives of nine innocent church goers back in the summer of 2015. Roof entered the predominantly black church as a bible study attendee who seemed to be interested in the service. After disagreeing on the church’s interpretation of scripture, Roof waited to the congregation began to pray, and then opened fire. Roof confirmed that his motives were racially based, and identified himself as a white supremacist.

Roof was captured shortly after the massacre and has been found guilty of 33 different federal charges. Roof is now awaiting his second death penalty trail after appealing his first.

During his first trail, it was discovered that Roof drove to another black church immediately after the shootings and then disabled his GPS.

Only God knows what Roof may have been planning, but thankfully no additional lives were taken. We send our condolences to the families of those who were victims of Roof’s evil plans.


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