Cash Her Outside… the Breakfast Club

By now everyone is familiar with Danielle Bregoli (the cash me outside girl). Her recent claim to fame came after her comical appearance on the Dr Phil show. Since the show she has become an internet sensation, but how long will her buzz last. We see plenty of people come and go as they make noise on the internet that eventually quiets down. Danielle is actively trying to cash in on her new found fame, encouraging the idea of her having her own reality TV show. However, not everyone equates internet fame to real fame.

Danielle’s people wrote in to The Breakfast Club, a prominent New York based radio station, to see if they would be open to do an interview. Without much explanation, Breakfast Club host, Charlamagne Tha God quickly shot down her request.

Ebro of New York’s hot 97 radio station, was also offered to interview Danielle and he declined as well.

It appears that Danielle’s five minutes of fame will be just that. Most people are tired of seeing her by now but others are loving her. What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in watching a show of her life?

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