So is Donnie Boy gonna utter straight falsehoods for four years? (Video)

Where is the breaking point where we actually hold the leader of the free world accountable for the things he says? From continuously referring to anything negative that is said about him as “fake news” to his staff coining the term “alternative facts”, there has to be a point where even the people who voted for him have had enough. This has been going on since mans first started running but after seeing this video (attached) of him directly contradicting himself regarding Russian relations, it just reminded me that he really thinks he can say whatever he wants and get away with it. I’m not surprised in the slightest that he’s still behaving this way but I am surprised that republicans are still defending his actions wholeheartedly. They walk in on him lying and just close the door like #hurtbae and head back to their crib. We will continue to march and protest but will everyone else continue to Fox News and chill as if the foundation of logic and reasoning isn’t crumbling before our eyes? Just something to think about next time you see someone proudly rocking their MAGA gear.


Here’s the video

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