Ketchup with ObamaCare

It’s been a month since the president-elect has surprisingly become the President of the United States, but what’s even more surprising is that this guy has gone into the White House in full force changing stuff up–including ObamaCare.

Hear me out, though:

On January 20 not only did Donald Trump and Mike Pence take the oath of office, but President Trump also issued an executive order to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act.

But what’s wrong with ObamaCare?

First of all, it’s completely unbelievable that a guy who pretty much took up politics as a hobby beat out a woman who devoted her life to this country. And just to be clear, not petty, President Obama is still my president. He’s just taking a long smoke break and will be back momentarily.

Secondly, Trump issued an executive order to repeal and replace Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). This will cause millions to lose health insurance. Here’s the thing, though, the ACA was implemented to allow everyone access to health insurance at reduced costs, regardless of pre-existing conditions, so why would he attempt to get rid of it?

The catch to all of this is that since it’s inception, ObamaCare has faced several hiccups. The first one being the website to sign up ( facing glitches and technical difficulties. This didn’t sit well with a lot of people. A lot of people were upset because they felt there were broken promises.

Remember the pre-existing conditions I mentioned earlier? Well, it seems that initially pre-existing conditions wouldn’t determine if you qualified for healthcare, but after reconsolidation, the Obama administration went back on their word.

It was also made a requirement that companies provided health insurance for their employees. As a result of this, employers had to cut their workforce in half in order to provide adequate health insurance, and of course, many weren’t happy about this.

Now, the question becomes what will TinyTrump do to fix this issue. We’ll stay tuned.



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