Meet Black Bullies: The Record Label That Is Up Next

You may not know of the name “Black Bullies” just yet, but you will in the near future. Black Bullies is led by two people you should get familiar with, Ivey Johnson and Marcus Carson. The two are under the direction of 9th Wonder, who is a Grammy Award winning producer, signed to Roc Nation. 

Roc Nation is a huge name in the industry, so it’s safe to say that Black Bullies are under great supervision. 9th Wonder teaches History of Hip-Hop and Label Management at North Carolina Central University, where Black Bullies first began as a class project. Johnson and Carson have taken this class project and continued to run with it to make Black Bullies a full out record label.


Black Bullies is already working on signing their first artist, Ernest Third, an artist out of Baltimore who was formally known as Ernest Peso. After playing Ernest Third for 9th Wonder, 9th was impressed with the Baltimore native. 9th Wonder responded to Third’s hit single “Success” by saying, “You got it. Its dope…You can play it in the club, because of the beat and the flow, but you can also play it for your momma.”


After playing his hit single, Black Bullies went on to introduce third’s EP Dorm Meditation9th Wonder immediately gave the EP a download and Earnest high praise saying that he sits in between Kendrick Lamar and JCole with Kendrick-like lyrics and a Cole-like flow.

If you’re wondering who to be on the lookout for in the music business, be on the watch for Black Bullies. Under the supervision of someone like 9th Wonder, and their first artist already getting lots of praise, its safe to say that Black Bullies will be a force in the future.

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