2017 NBA Dunk Contest

Just last night the 2017 NBA Dunk Contest was held. Normally by this time the Internet would be going crazy, making memes, and replaying the best dunks. However, this year’s dunk contest did not create such a buzz. For the past few years the dunk contest has been missing it’s star power. In the glory days the NBA’s top dunkers would come together to compete for the title. However there’s a new trend of elite dunkers skipping out on the contest. Due to the lack of interest, the NBA actually considered moving the three point contest to the main event slot in place of the dunk contest.

Glenn Robinson III of the Indiana Pacers emerged the victor of this years dunk contest, defeating Derrick Jones Jr. of the Phoenix Suns in the finals.

If you didn’t get to see the contest, checkout the highlights and tell us what you think. What was your favorite dunk? Feel free to drop some names of who would you like to see in next year’s dunk contest.

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